Monday, February 08, 2010

This past weekend was busy, but productive. Saturday was all about the boys. We had a couple of major transformations.
Jacob: Before
His first orthodontist appointment (well, not counting the consult). He got his phase I braces on Saturday. They are only on top, to make room for permanent teeth that want to come in. He will wear these for about a year. Then he will need them on the top and bottom, probably in middle school.
Braces: close up; and those crowded bottom teeth
We also managed to squeeze in haircuts on Saturday, too, to complete his big transformation. I think he looks older now. Where did my little guy go?
Nate: Before
Nate needed a haircut too. I love his red hair, and this surfer cut is so cute on him. But, at this time, Nate decides he wants spiky hair like Boo (Jacob). I tried to gently change his mind, but ultimately decided it was his hair. Brian reassured me that it will grow back out. I almost cried when I saw all that beautiful red hair hit the floor. I think he looks older, too. Where did my baby go? And when did he get an opinion of his hair? I'm still getting used to his new look.
Sunday was productive too. We made it to church, grocery shopping, and Brian and I both got our hair cut. I don't have pics of us. We don't change much, lol. Hopefully, I don't look older, that seems to be theme with this round of haircuts, ACK!