Monday, January 25, 2010

In case anyone didn't know, California had some crazy weather last week. Well, since Monday was a holiday Joshua did not have classes; and as it happened he only had one class on Wednesday. So instead of sending him up on the train for one class. We opted to play hookie and take a road trip. Brandi came along too.

In between storms, we caught glimpses of blue sky.

We even spotted a rainbow in the distance.

Instead of coming straight home, we decided to take the scenic route, aka: Pacific Coast Highway. It's always a beautiful drive, even in the rain. The ocean looked particularly angry to me this day. Interesting that you cannot see where the grey sky and the ocean come together.
Between showers, we stopped at Point Loma Lighthouse.

We all got out and walked toward the beach to enjoy the view of the ocean. (Remember, I'm on crutches) Well, after a very few minutes, it starts to sprinkle...ALOT...FAST. It was the craziest thing. So, Brian runs up to get the car to come get us, so I don't have to walk so far. It was a sudden downpour. But, it was a pretty view.

Ignore the double chin. But, look how wet my hair is, Brandi too. We were only out there a few minutes. It was too funny. Probably, one of the best moments of the day.

Further down the road, we came to a traffic control area. If you look closely, you can see a broken power pole in this picture. What you do not see are the downed trees. It was a mess. PG&E and CalTrans were cleaning up the road and only one lane was open.

Frothy ocean and mean clouds

Project 52- 2010: My random picture of the week is from the same road trip. I have to say I do not like tolls. So here is the toll booth of the Dumbarton Bridge, crossing the San Francisco Bay. just because.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Parental blackmail is always fun. You just never know what to expect from Nate. Here is a look at some of Nate's shenanigans over the last week. Just for fun.
Is there such a thing as "too many bubbles"?
Probably, when they start creeping down the hall
Transforming into Super Nate
Yes, he can fly
He can also pick thing up
Another day, another character
Cute mask, now pick up the scraps!
Completed mask
Project 52-2010: It seems the kids weren't all that into the cameras; and didn't take any pictures this week. So, I am on my own. My random picture of the week is Joshua's cat Shadow keeping my leg warm while I have it somewhat propped up on the couch.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Project 52 - 2010. The little boys each got a camera for Christmas. Mind you they are cheap-o cameras. But, they are something to start out with, since they both love to take pictures. So begins Project 52. I am going to let them each choose their favorite picture of the week and tell me about. I will share it here.

Unfortunately, the first round of pictures did not turn out very well. These cameras do not have a flash. So, they will take some practice. Without further ado: Project 52 #1.
Jacob's Picture: Description below
Me and Nate got new cameras the other day. My room was the only area with enough light for me to take the photo. Nate wasn't cooperating very well. This is the best picture I could get.

Nate's Picture: Description below
The plate is broken. Somebody broked it. (what is the blue thing?) I think the top of a pen. (why did some stick a pen through the plate?) Maybe because they wanted to. I know they hurt the plate's feelings. (anything else?) Nah.
My picture: Because I want to play too
Irony: This invitation came in the mail this week from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's team in training program. I have wanted to train to walk a half marathon for a couple of years and time has been an issue. Well, right now, the crutches are an issue. I am hoping to be able to start walking distance again after my surgery. I'd like to include training for a half as part of my recovery. Did I mention that one of the options for the local team is the Rock n Roll Marathon in Seattle? I can dream...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Has it really been less than a week into the new year? It sure has been a long week. It has been a hard week. It has been a crazy week.

I did make a New Year's resolution this year. I do not usually do that, because honestly, who keeps them? Well, this year, I have made a resolution to preserve my mental health; to take care of me.

You see, I am a social worker. I come by it naturally. I have always been the one people come to when they have a problem. I am a good listener, and usually have something helpful to say. The problem with being me is that often other people's problems become my problems. I have a tendency to internalize other people's issues. Then they eat away at me. I lay away at night crying over something that I cannot fix. Things that I should be expected to be able to fix, or even listen to. So, this year, I resolve to draw lines. I resolve to tell people, "I'm not going to talk about that" or "listen to that." I expect that those who love me will respect this. I hope that they will understand. Because, they are killing me. I cannot keep being the family social worker.

I am going to take care of me for a change. I cannot be a good social worker if I don't. I love what I do and I want to give it my best. I owe my real clients the best social worker. I owe my family the best wife and mom. I owe myself my best me! So here's to the best me in 2010!

Friday, January 01, 2010

This post is dedicated to the young lady in my life. Um, that didn't sound quite right. I mean, the young lady in my son's life. She is one of my biggest blog fans. And I am happy to have her in my blogs. She fits right in.

Happy New Year to all my blog world friends. I wish you all the best in the new new. Here is how we rang in 2010. I don't think Brian and I have ever gone out for New Year, and really I don't miss it. Because we have the best parties, right here, at home! The kids strive to stay up to watch the ball drop.
Nate made it to 11:30pm. We did wake him before midnight.
It has been an interesting holiday season. I have spent a lot of it with my leg propped up. So, our "party" goods were set up within my reach, on the large storage box that has become my foot stool/end table. Yes, that is my foot propped up along side the cider.
If you look close, those are NOT his ears!
Happy New Year 2010! That it "the ball" on the TV, lol.
What a New Year's celebration without noise
Awe, first New Year's kiss
My first kiss of 2010
That IS cider. Target was sold out of plastic champagne flutes.
Someone was shooting off fireworks, so we went outside to see. Nate got cold. Joshua is the bestest big brother.

For those who do not know, the earlier part of the day was interesting. A few weeks ago, I had an incident that involved Christmas lights and a step ladder. Well yesterday, I had a follow up appointment with the orthopedic doctor, to go over the MRI I had done of my knee the day before. Well, in addition to the fact that I tore up my meniscus, they found a blood clot in my calf. This had everyone in a tizzy and got me an ultrasound in the hospital, after hours, on New Year's Eve. Fortunately, I got home in plenty of time to ring in the new year properly. The good news, is the clot is tiny and with warm compresses it should re-absorb.

As for that pesky meniscus, we'll be taking care of that soon surgically. We are looking at Monday, the 11th. The silver lining? It got me out of jury duty. Serious, I got a summons for Jan. 11th. What a way to start the year.

I wish you all the best. I am confident that its only going to get better from here!