Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wonderful Weekend - Part 2

Brian and I had fun letterboxing before heading back. It was a good letterboxing weekend. We found every box that we looked for! We even went on a nice hike in the San Luis Obispo hills. Well, nice is relative. I had to ice my knee after. But, we got the box. Oh, and WE. WERE. FIRST.
This was taken about halfway up the hill.
If you look to the left of the trees, you can see our car. This was taken from the same spot as the previous photo, about halfway up.
If you look real close, there is a drive-in theater down there. This is the other side of hill, from the peak.
Then we had to go home. It was so beautiful and sunny at the coast. When we reached the mountains you could see the the clouds/fog sitting in the valley. Here is proof that there is sun above the cloud layer. Then we descended into the fog. And we didn't see the sun at all today.
If you are not familiar with letterboxing, check out atlasquest.com or letterboxing.org. This is a great hobby for the family. It's a neat way to find places in your local area that you may not yet be familiar with. It's also a good way to explore new places or get out and stretch during road trips. Let me know if you give it a try. I'd love to know I've introduced someone new to it. Beware, it's addicting!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wonderful Weekend, Part 1

Brian and I escaped to the beach this weekend, without the kids. I really needed the break. Life has been kind of crazy since before the holidays. And it was perfect. It was sunny and warm. I was so tired of the fog and the cold. I didn't even realize it. But, I missed the sun. I am such a California girl.

Those who know me know that I love signs. I love taking pictures of signs everywhere I go. This one just struck me as funny. Don't feed the... whaa? Seals? Sea lions? Still makes me giggle!
I've been to Morro Rock many times. How is it that I didn't know that Morro Rock was a volcano? Well, there was a volcano there at some point. Now the rock is a lava plug. Considering the frequency of earthquakes in the area, I wonder if the rock could be dislodged...and if it were... The things I think about.
The beach at Morro Rock is one of my favorite places. I love the way the waves crash on the rocks and spray up several feet (like 20+) It's awesome! Of course, a still photo just doesn't do it justice.
Me and my honey
We also got some good letterboxing in. "Under the gaze of Lady Liberty." Only significant to those who know the significance, but it made a nice picture.

Friday, January 14, 2011

In December, before Christmas, we took the little boys to the beach for the weekend. When it's cold and rainy (or foggy, which is normal, but it was rainy) here, it's usually warm and sunny there. And it was true for this trip. We had an especially fun time playing in the sand this trip.
Jacob and Nate working together!
Our family sculpture of Jacob! This was fun.

Sunset on the beach
Day 2, more sand play and beautiful weather
Jacob's sand castle
Brian's and my sand sculpture
Attention to detail
Not sure about that hair
Beware the rising tide
A family tradition!

It was fun to stand on the peer and watch people who noticed the mermaid on the beach. It was a fun trip. I think it's about time for another trip. Hmm, I think tomorrow would be a good time.