Friday, January 14, 2011

In December, before Christmas, we took the little boys to the beach for the weekend. When it's cold and rainy (or foggy, which is normal, but it was rainy) here, it's usually warm and sunny there. And it was true for this trip. We had an especially fun time playing in the sand this trip.
Jacob and Nate working together!
Our family sculpture of Jacob! This was fun.

Sunset on the beach
Day 2, more sand play and beautiful weather
Jacob's sand castle
Brian's and my sand sculpture
Attention to detail
Not sure about that hair
Beware the rising tide
A family tradition!

It was fun to stand on the peer and watch people who noticed the mermaid on the beach. It was a fun trip. I think it's about time for another trip. Hmm, I think tomorrow would be a good time.


Jen said...

Makes me miss Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

Sharon said...

What gorgeous pictures!! Looking out my window and seeing several inches of snow, I would love a few days by the beach! :)

Tabbi said...

I ♥ those pics! Looks like you guys had awesome trips. =D