Friday, June 18, 2010

On Wednesday, Nate and I left for our "special trip" to Seattle. I took Jacob 2 years ago, when he was 8. It was a great time, and we have so many great memories. I promised Nate that we would go on a special trip too. I love building these memories with the boys. So here is our first day of travel.
Here's Nate, playing with a toy airplane that we bought in the airport store, while we waited for our flight to start boarding. When they started boarding the VIPs, we went to the gate and could see our plane. Nate good, although growing impatient waiting for our turn to board.
Boarding Alaska Airlines Flight 235. I love this picture. He was so excited! One person behind us was annoyed at us for holding up the. Oh well, he'll get over it. This was my baby's first flight and must be documented. Honestly, it was ONE picture.
Buckle up.
Be sure to read the safety instructions.
Nate loved looking out the window and pointing this he saw to me. This was on our ascent. We were leaving the bay area and heading over the mountains.
This was how Nate spent just over the first hour.
Once we were above the clouds, in Oregon somewhere, there wasn't much to look at. I brought his DS, just in case. So he got to play it.
This is crater lake, mostly surrounded by clouds; so it is not vary clearly defines. I'd like to visit it from the ground someday.
I believe this is Mt Rainier, in Washington, snow capped and standing tall through the clouds. Is this not an awesome photo?
Descending into the clouds for landing.
This is what the inside of a cloud looks like.
As we broke through the clouds we got a glimpse of the space needle. Nate saw it first. But, it was cloudy enough that I could not get a photo. As we got closer to the ground, Nate spotted this water tower. I love that he notices things that not everyone would think is significant.
When we touched down, Nate noticed these and explained to me that "Those rectangle things on wing are called flaps." That's right Nate. Then when were taxi-ing to our gate, we watch another plane take off. Nate pointed out that the wheels went up into the plane. I said yes, most airplanes have wheels that go up when they are flying. He informed me, matter of factly, "I know, that's so the wheels won't make it unstable." He's a smart boy!
After arriving and settling in at Aimee's and Jason's house, we decided to get Subway for dinner and meet Jodi and the boys at a local park to eat. They have the awesome-est parks here. Unfortunately, I left my camera at Aimee's, so no photos. The kids got along great. Never fear, there will be other parks to visit, and I will remember my camera.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jacob's backyard camp out birthday party - part 1

We decided to have a sleep over party for Jacob's 10th birthday (which is actually Monday). So, we talked about themes and he decided on a camp out. I have never done anything like this, so I turned to the internet. There were some great ideas that I borrowed for Jacob's party. The party started at 6:00pm, just in time roast hot dogs for dinner.
A couple of Jacob's classmates, and his cousin.
Then we made s'mores!
Next we divided into teams, one teen and two younger kids on each team, and went on a photo scavenger hunt. I will post this in part two, hopefully tomorrow. The kids really enjoyed this.
After scoring the scavenger hunt, it was time for presents. Jacob opened them on the hood of the car, because Brian insisted on having the fire pit on the driveway.
Jacob got a set of water guns and they all enjoyed them.
Here they are all ganging up on Jacob. He was a good sport.
Jacob's school friends.
Looks like Jacob is the target again.
Shawn and Raymond
My masterpiece. Way too much chocolate, but oh so yummy. It's a "dirt cake." Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, oreos, and chocolate "rocks." I used the rocks to create a campfire, with all 10 candles together. A paper tent was the best way to show that it is a birthday cake.
Jacob is ready to put out the campfire. He really blew them out.
Several rounds of "glow in the dark tag" before bed. Each child had a glow stick that they used to tag each other. You can't really tell because of the flash. The porch light was on so it wasn't completely dark. But, the glow sticks were a fun touch.
Not sure who was "it."
Jacob and Raymond are "frozen."
Jacob get "untagged" by Devin.
Nate blowing bubbles (just thought this photo was neat)
The girls' tentGoodnight girls (yeah right)
The boys' tent
Goodnight boys (yeah right)
For at least an hour, we heard "Jacob, are you still awake?" from the girls. And, "Devin, are you still awake?" from Jacob and the boys. It was so funny. It was nearly 12:30 before it got quiet out there. Brandi is supervising the girl tent. Joshua and Shawn are supervising the boys. So, I don't have to sleep outside. One of the many perks of having older kids too.
Check in soon for part 2 - the scavenger hunt. It was so much fun. We are even talking about doing it again later in the summer, just for fun.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

There is this phenomena called the "Freshman 15." It is common knowledge that college freshman gain weight in the first year they are away from home. My college freshman son recently wrote an essay about this for his English class. He got the idea because I was complaining about the Grad School 50 that I has put on over the last couple years, mostly over the last year that my backside has been glued to a chair in front of a computer. It certainly didn't help that usually there was a startbucks cup nearby. Well, it helped, but not in the weight department.

I have had this photo (actually, it was our Christmas card photo in 2008, only 18 months ago) on my desk all year. I have to say that while I was still "dieting" at that time. I was pretty happy about the way I looked. I'm easy to spot; I'm the only girl. I'm also only taller than those under 8 in the picture, lol. The summer before (June, 2 years ago), Jacob and I went to Seattle to visit some friends. Here is a photo from that trip. Since I am usually behind the camera, there are not many photos of me floating around. You can't see much of me in this picture. But, I looked HOT, lol.
I decided to do my two years master's program in three. This lightened my load the first year which was great. I thought (errantly) I've got this. Then my second year was not too bad, although I did add an internship to my course load. It still wasn't too bad, but I started to gain the second half of my second year.
I took Nate to Santa Cruz in May (1 year ago), just before the end of my second year. Here is another of the few pictures of me. It's not flattering. But, it helps tell the story of my Grad School 50.
Another year goes by. The year from Hell. Yes, I said it, because it was. Not only did I have a crazy course load, but I had more internship hours. In the fall, Nate had the H1N1 virus and was down for two weeks. And what does a sick 6 year old want more than anything else? To be Mom. And so I did.
This put me behind in my courses. But, I figured I'd catch up during winter break. I'm a good student. It really didn't seem like a big deal. Then just before Christmas, I fell and injured my knee. BADLY! I realized that trying to write papers while on vicodin was not a great idea. So, again the work was put on hold. And, again I was sitting on my bum. Until I had surgery in January. And until I start Physical Therapy in February.
Oh, I had started a new semester. And I still had work from my prior semester. I became glued to my chair, at the computer, except when I was at PT. And every week my PT asked if I had been doing my exercises. UM. Well, anyway, here I am NOW. It's not pretty. But, it's the beginning of my battle with my Grad School 50.

I am not going to share how much I weigh. Come on, this IS a public blog. But, I am going to track my loss. As of yesterday, I am down 2.8, since graduation.
My angle of attack, is to first cut back on my starbucks and my Diet Pepsi. These have been my crutches the last several months. And it's time to learn to walk on my own, literally, lol. I'm also trying to plan meals better. I am planning a weekly update to say how it's going. I'm counting on my readers/friends to hold me accountable.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Too much time; too little do...HA.

So much has happened so far this year. So, much that I haven't had time to share. I was looking for a challenge to get me posting again. Actually, I am looking. Please share with me your favorite weekly challenge, or create one for me.

Until then, I thought I would resume my Project 52, kind of. Originally, it was supposed to be a random photo of the week. Really, just something to make sure I post once a week, to create a habit. Well, the only habit that has taken hold this year is Starbucks. But, that's another story, and I certainly have photos to prove that too.

Anyway, for my new Project 52, I am going to post a random photo from this year (since January). That way I can share some of what has happened with you all. So, without further ado...I bring you:

Sleeping arrangements for boy moms
It's been almost two weeks since I graduated. Wow, and I have accomplished, nearly nothing. But, that's not what this is about. I have a couple of amazing friends who live in Washington who came to visit and attend my graduation. When making plans, I was horrified that they would see my house at the end of the most horrendous semester of grad school. I explained, "the only thing I can promise you is clean sheets." I followed this with the choice of character bedding from the linen closet that I had in twin size: Superman, Spiderman, Transformers, Wall"E, Thomas, Pokemon. Grandma has a tendency to by them a new bed set with the current character of preference each year. Fortunately, my dear friends are also the mother's of boys. Jodi played along and chose Pokemon. Fortunately, I have two set of those, because Jacob had the other set on his bed. Aimee, did not choose. So, I chose Wall*E for her. Actually, it was the first full set that I pulled out. So, this is Joshua's room, kindly donated, to my friends. They were great sports.

It was an amazing busy, emotional, fun, estrogen flooded weekend. One I will never forget. Jodi and Aimee, thank you for sharing it all with me. Photos to follow, for those who could not be there.