Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Too much time; too little do...HA.

So much has happened so far this year. So, much that I haven't had time to share. I was looking for a challenge to get me posting again. Actually, I am looking. Please share with me your favorite weekly challenge, or create one for me.

Until then, I thought I would resume my Project 52, kind of. Originally, it was supposed to be a random photo of the week. Really, just something to make sure I post once a week, to create a habit. Well, the only habit that has taken hold this year is Starbucks. But, that's another story, and I certainly have photos to prove that too.

Anyway, for my new Project 52, I am going to post a random photo from this year (since January). That way I can share some of what has happened with you all. So, without further ado...I bring you:

Sleeping arrangements for boy moms
It's been almost two weeks since I graduated. Wow, and I have accomplished, nearly nothing. But, that's not what this is about. I have a couple of amazing friends who live in Washington who came to visit and attend my graduation. When making plans, I was horrified that they would see my house at the end of the most horrendous semester of grad school. I explained, "the only thing I can promise you is clean sheets." I followed this with the choice of character bedding from the linen closet that I had in twin size: Superman, Spiderman, Transformers, Wall"E, Thomas, Pokemon. Grandma has a tendency to by them a new bed set with the current character of preference each year. Fortunately, my dear friends are also the mother's of boys. Jodi played along and chose Pokemon. Fortunately, I have two set of those, because Jacob had the other set on his bed. Aimee, did not choose. So, I chose Wall*E for her. Actually, it was the first full set that I pulled out. So, this is Joshua's room, kindly donated, to my friends. They were great sports.

It was an amazing busy, emotional, fun, estrogen flooded weekend. One I will never forget. Jodi and Aimee, thank you for sharing it all with me. Photos to follow, for those who could not be there.

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