Friday, June 11, 2010

Jacob's backyard camp out birthday party - part 1

We decided to have a sleep over party for Jacob's 10th birthday (which is actually Monday). So, we talked about themes and he decided on a camp out. I have never done anything like this, so I turned to the internet. There were some great ideas that I borrowed for Jacob's party. The party started at 6:00pm, just in time roast hot dogs for dinner.
A couple of Jacob's classmates, and his cousin.
Then we made s'mores!
Next we divided into teams, one teen and two younger kids on each team, and went on a photo scavenger hunt. I will post this in part two, hopefully tomorrow. The kids really enjoyed this.
After scoring the scavenger hunt, it was time for presents. Jacob opened them on the hood of the car, because Brian insisted on having the fire pit on the driveway.
Jacob got a set of water guns and they all enjoyed them.
Here they are all ganging up on Jacob. He was a good sport.
Jacob's school friends.
Looks like Jacob is the target again.
Shawn and Raymond
My masterpiece. Way too much chocolate, but oh so yummy. It's a "dirt cake." Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, oreos, and chocolate "rocks." I used the rocks to create a campfire, with all 10 candles together. A paper tent was the best way to show that it is a birthday cake.
Jacob is ready to put out the campfire. He really blew them out.
Several rounds of "glow in the dark tag" before bed. Each child had a glow stick that they used to tag each other. You can't really tell because of the flash. The porch light was on so it wasn't completely dark. But, the glow sticks were a fun touch.
Not sure who was "it."
Jacob and Raymond are "frozen."
Jacob get "untagged" by Devin.
Nate blowing bubbles (just thought this photo was neat)
The girls' tentGoodnight girls (yeah right)
The boys' tent
Goodnight boys (yeah right)
For at least an hour, we heard "Jacob, are you still awake?" from the girls. And, "Devin, are you still awake?" from Jacob and the boys. It was so funny. It was nearly 12:30 before it got quiet out there. Brandi is supervising the girl tent. Joshua and Shawn are supervising the boys. So, I don't have to sleep outside. One of the many perks of having older kids too.
Check in soon for part 2 - the scavenger hunt. It was so much fun. We are even talking about doing it again later in the summer, just for fun.


Amy said...

You are one awesome -- and brave -- mom! Looks like it was so much fun.

Aimee said...

FUN! LOVE the fire on the cake - the piece de resistance, IMO.