Friday, June 18, 2010

On Wednesday, Nate and I left for our "special trip" to Seattle. I took Jacob 2 years ago, when he was 8. It was a great time, and we have so many great memories. I promised Nate that we would go on a special trip too. I love building these memories with the boys. So here is our first day of travel.
Here's Nate, playing with a toy airplane that we bought in the airport store, while we waited for our flight to start boarding. When they started boarding the VIPs, we went to the gate and could see our plane. Nate good, although growing impatient waiting for our turn to board.
Boarding Alaska Airlines Flight 235. I love this picture. He was so excited! One person behind us was annoyed at us for holding up the. Oh well, he'll get over it. This was my baby's first flight and must be documented. Honestly, it was ONE picture.
Buckle up.
Be sure to read the safety instructions.
Nate loved looking out the window and pointing this he saw to me. This was on our ascent. We were leaving the bay area and heading over the mountains.
This was how Nate spent just over the first hour.
Once we were above the clouds, in Oregon somewhere, there wasn't much to look at. I brought his DS, just in case. So he got to play it.
This is crater lake, mostly surrounded by clouds; so it is not vary clearly defines. I'd like to visit it from the ground someday.
I believe this is Mt Rainier, in Washington, snow capped and standing tall through the clouds. Is this not an awesome photo?
Descending into the clouds for landing.
This is what the inside of a cloud looks like.
As we broke through the clouds we got a glimpse of the space needle. Nate saw it first. But, it was cloudy enough that I could not get a photo. As we got closer to the ground, Nate spotted this water tower. I love that he notices things that not everyone would think is significant.
When we touched down, Nate noticed these and explained to me that "Those rectangle things on wing are called flaps." That's right Nate. Then when were taxi-ing to our gate, we watch another plane take off. Nate pointed out that the wheels went up into the plane. I said yes, most airplanes have wheels that go up when they are flying. He informed me, matter of factly, "I know, that's so the wheels won't make it unstable." He's a smart boy!
After arriving and settling in at Aimee's and Jason's house, we decided to get Subway for dinner and meet Jodi and the boys at a local park to eat. They have the awesome-est parks here. Unfortunately, I left my camera at Aimee's, so no photos. The kids got along great. Never fear, there will be other parks to visit, and I will remember my camera.

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