Sunday, December 27, 2009

We finally made it back to church today. Sadly, it has been several weeks since we've been to church. Between my crazy school schedule and Joshua coming home on the weekends, and needing to go back on on Sundays. It was great for me. I miss my weekly spiritual uplift.

So, we took the little boys with us, since our family of 6 (plus my dad) still does not fit into our 5 passenger car (Rick, we NEED a new car, or better yet a van). Anyway, while the little boys are away, the big boys will play...with their Christmas present. We came home to some impressive marble runs.
Nate is checking out Papa's building
The older boys working on their own creation
Oh the excitement of marbles rolling downhill...

When we got home, my dad informed us that we were expecting company. Two of his sisters were visiting his brother across town, and were on their way to our house next. Um, great, I have not cleaned up anything from Christmas morning. Nor am I in any condition to clean anything to the point of being guest acceptable. But, they came anyway, and it seems they had a good visit.
Aunt Ruby, Aunt Mary and my Dad
Then, we sent that little boys to Grandma's house, and Joshua went to Brandi's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDI!!! We took my Dad home and Brian and I went to a movie, ALONE. We saw Blind Side. Awesome movie, two thumbs up. Take your kleenex.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning ~ Stockings first.
Santa almost got the right game

Another DS game and a new toothbrush!

Brian always get a funny pair of boxers

Last year Mom's stocking was left empty. So this year, my little sweetie gave me candy and this note. My boys are going to be awesome husbands someday!

Nate has been waiting so long for this

This is THE gift the year

The other BIG gift
Everyone got into building the marble run
It took a team to build this
Hmm, the directions say it should go here
Almost there
And it was still fun to play with today!
I think it is quite possible that Jacob is the only child who got this playset that was concerned that Osiris' and Anubis' accessories were wrong. Gotta love having really smart kids!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house...

Well, the boys each got new pajamas. This idea of opening PJ's on Christmas Eve comes from a collections of brilliant mommy friends. However, I opted to do this this year, because the boys prefer to sleep in the their underwear (come on, this IS California), and they are getting a little too big for me to take pictures of them opening Christmas presents in their underwear.

Nate was not thrilled. He was excited about getting to open a Christmas present early. We are a Christmas morning family. When he saw the pajamas, he said, "Just what I didn't want." I looks rude in type. But, it was the funniest thing. Nate is not one to beat around the bush.
I think they are pretty cute pajamas, myself.
The boys playing in the living room floor.
Um, when did Nate learn to break dance?
We are some competitive Blokus players in this family.
The final viewing of Prep and Landing
The children are nestled, all snug in there beds (so is my dad). The stockings are hung by the TV with care. According to NORAD, Santa is in Minneapolis and headed this way. So, I should get to bed and let him do his magic... Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

For Nate's birthday, we went to Magic Mountain. It was a great choice for my fearless boy. Unfortunately, mom was in no condition to ride the rides with him this time. I think everyone had a fun day, regardless. Except for the fact that we waited too long to eat, then had to wait in a crazy long line.
First things first. Let's check out the map and decide what we want to ride first. And if that doesn't work, we'll get help from the pros. Thanks Daffy!
The kids were not into getting pictures with the characters.
Nate and Daddy getting "scrambled"
Mommy got to ride Thomas with Nate
The roundhouse. They had a great Thomas and Friends section. I know a few little boys (friends' children) who would have a ball here.
Nate, as Percy's conductor
Too short for lunch?
So much fun. So few pictures. I'm not sure how that happened. Maybe, because I couldn't get the best angles from my electric scooter. But, considering all things, I would not have made it all day on crutches.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy today. Nate is SEVEN! Where has the time gone? Nate loves helium balloons. So, Grandma bought a helium tank and last night Joshua and I filled seven balloons and put them in his room. It was a fun surprise to wake up to this morning.
Here is is collecting his balloons.
My silly boy, with very fine hair that reacts well to static.
Then we headed south. the plan was to go to Six flags today. But, we got a late start. Hmm, I think it might have had something to do with the fact that Mom wasn't able to do all the packing/organizing and getting everyone out the door on one leg and two crutches, lol. The plan was to stay over night and go to the beach tomorrow. Well, we decided to go to the beach today and hit the park tomorrow, when we can get there early enough to spend the day.
My little guys on the beach
Nate climbing the rope at Muscle Beach. I saw a couple of buff adults climb it and a few, older kids try. But, none of the other kids succeeded. My Nate has amazing upper body strength; and I think he is part monkey too.
After we checked into our hotel,
we went out for a birthday snack.
Have you seen a happier birthday boy?
Love that toothless smile.
Stay tuned for a blog about our Magic Mountain adventure. It should interesting trying to manage an amusement park on crutches...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here's a little update on this past week: First, I haven't been getting around much, lol. Now, that doesn't really sound like me does it? Well, I am getting around a little better on my crutches. You might remember my little incident last Tuesday.

Well, Jacob's class has had many field trips this fall; and they have all been on Thursdays. And, Thursdays have been my three class in a row days, 8-5 straight in class. So, I haven't been able to make any. I promised him I would go to the Meux Home Museum with him in December. So, I hobbled along, chaperoning 3 very well mannered little boys. I even went UP THE STAIRS! So there. I. AM. SUPER. MOM. Overall, it was a fun trip. I was so looking forward to it...before the crutches, lol.
Jacob (top right) and his classmates.
(Photos were not allowed inside the museum.)
So it is, Christmas of the beads 2009. This scarf was made for Jacob's teacher. It is fuzzy and white, and trimmed with crystals and clear tear drops. I love the sparkly trim. It makes it festive, without being over done.
This one was for Nate's teacher. Actually, I made the scarf last year, and it didn't find a home. This year, I trimmed it with beads and it is so pretty. These beads are little more random, but pretty.
And because, these special gifts have been received, I can share them now. When I saw these lovely green beads, they screamed AIMEE! I even had enough to make earrings, lol. So much fun. I love making things with someone in mind. Just wish I could have been there when she got them!
Then there were these fun funky beads. My friend JODI is a fun funky introverted type. They were perfect for her. She is also a teacher. And teachers can pull off fun and funky. I didn't have enough beads for the earrings, but I had some in the right color. The little cubes have swirls of red and blue, so they work, although you can't the that, lol.
I made myself one too, with the same "Friends" charm. We are kind of three musketeer-ish. I so much wish we lived closer. We have had great chats...wish we could chat over coffee. Someday.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keeping up with the Woolwines... If you want to see a lovely decorated home, don't come to my house. Go here. My friend Aimee's post yesterday inspired me to hang the lights outside. I got this far...
Then I went to the emergency room, and cam home with two new friends. It's not broken, but I messed up my knee pretty good.
So much for riding the cook rides with Nate at magic mountain on Sunday. I was so looking forward to a great time with Nate. It will be fun anyway. The ER nurse suggested getting a wheelchair at the park and then we can get to the front of the lines. There's my silver lining.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

So my dear friend Aimee introduced me to 12 of 12. I have had the hardest time trying to keep up with this. Its fun when I remember; but usually I don't. Of course Aimee remembers and always posts late at night. This was ok when she lived in Atlanta. It bought me a few hours, which I never really used. But, now I am really trying (I did it last month). AND, she now lives in the same time zone. So, tonight she posted her 12 0f 12 at 11:40ish pm. Now, how am I supposed to do mine in 12 minutes (by the time I commented on hers). Then, because I have this little stubborn streak, I had to try. So, I ran around the house taking pictures of, well...whatever. Here is my 12 of 12 in 12 minutes. I did get all the pictures taken before midnight!
11:48pm - Joshua playing on the computer
11:49pm - The neighbor's lights, through the kitchen wondow
11:50pm - Shadow asleep on one of the kids' backpack
11:51pm - our Christmas tree, because it was there
11:51pm - I woke up the cat, now he wants out
11:52pm - What I have been doing ALL DAY!
11:52pm - How I have been getting through...
11:53pm - Hey Shawn, smile. I'm sorry, were you sleeping?
11:54pm - Jacob is at Grandma's, so I took this pic in his room
11:55pm - Nate is under here somewhere
11:55pm - One Nate favorite toys
11:56pm - Guess I should have made my bed this morning.
But, since I am going to crawl into it soon, not happening.
I did it! With four minutes to spare. Ok, I really need a life; or some sleep; or something. I'm tired now, running around the house. And my bed looks very inviting. Hope everyone had a great Dec 12th. Mine was pretty uneventful, until the last 12 minutes.