Thursday, December 24, 2009

For Nate's birthday, we went to Magic Mountain. It was a great choice for my fearless boy. Unfortunately, mom was in no condition to ride the rides with him this time. I think everyone had a fun day, regardless. Except for the fact that we waited too long to eat, then had to wait in a crazy long line.
First things first. Let's check out the map and decide what we want to ride first. And if that doesn't work, we'll get help from the pros. Thanks Daffy!
The kids were not into getting pictures with the characters.
Nate and Daddy getting "scrambled"
Mommy got to ride Thomas with Nate
The roundhouse. They had a great Thomas and Friends section. I know a few little boys (friends' children) who would have a ball here.
Nate, as Percy's conductor
Too short for lunch?
So much fun. So few pictures. I'm not sure how that happened. Maybe, because I couldn't get the best angles from my electric scooter. But, considering all things, I would not have made it all day on crutches.


Melissa May said...

Nice scooter! The train section looks like much fun my boys would love! : ) I miss seeing your boys at church. (Are you coming to the retreat?) (Did I ask you that already?????) : )

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