Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tonight, I was determined to get the kids picture for Christmas cards. Tomorrow morning Joshua is having his wisdom teeth pulled, all four, under general anesthesia. When I had mine done a "few" years ago, I was bruised for weeks. So, I was determined to get a picture tonight. Some of you might remember the wonderful photos my friend Melissa took last year. But even she landed some pictures of my real family. LOL. I love those pictures, all of them.

So, this is my attempt to get a Christmas card photo of my boys. This is what I got. Matching shirts. Fresh hair cuts. A decorated tree. Four silly boys. One who likes to make faces. One who always closes his eyes. One who just wanted to be done. One who is a model and just loves to have his photo taken. Can you guess which is which?

Not the best pose...

Not quite what I was hoping for...
Joshua (with his eyes open) Shawn (Mr. Photogenic)
Jacob (take the picture already)

Nate (all I want for Christmas...)

This just might be the best we get this year!


Anonymous said...

They look great! Can't wait to see the picture in person. :)

Mr. Bigger said...

WOW i love the picture of Mr. Photogenic. he looks familiar though.....hmmmm nope i got nothing.