Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If you have children, I'm sure you will relate to these photos. My utmost respect to the outrageously expensive professional photographers who can take an unruly group of children and create a lovely portrait to hang over Grandma's fireplace. They deserve every penny. And if they can capture the "real" family behind the picture, even better. I shared some of the photos my friends Melissa took of our family recently. She sent me these yesterday, and I just had to share them too. They make me smile, because they are so US! These are the pictures behind the photos on Grandma's wall.

Jacob was not in the most cooperative mood that day.

This one just makes me smile. Is it too much to ask everyone to look at the camera?

Melissa and I and the little boys were waiting for Brian and the older boys to move the car when this guy came flopping down the beach. He looked like a penguin. This one makes me smile too, because it reminds how much fun I had with my friend and my family that day on the beach.


Aimee said...

I love the "bad" photos, too! They're so normal!

dl said...

I love your blog - it is heartwarming and I loved your comment about the penguin guy. LOL. He did remind me of a penguin, too. LOL. I think you secretly have a crush on him. :-)

Melissa May said...

I can almost hear you telling Jacob to "get over here!"

And the penguin man... hilarious! He has a lot more confidence than I do. And that's all I'm gonna say. : )