Sunday, November 30, 2008

I love to crochet, especially making things for other people. A couple of years ago I made scarves for each of the boys' teachers. Last year, I did not, because we were packing and moving just before Christmas. So, this year, once again, I took the boys to Michael's and let them choose "the perfect" yarn for each of their teachers. I fear my boys are growing up as their choices were not as "fun" as they were two years ago, but I digress.
Jacob told me he wanted me to teach him to crochet so he could make his teacher's scarf. That was a great idea. However, the yarn he chose was wavy and not very conducive to learning with. So, I told him I would make this one, with the yarn he chose and teach him with some yarn I had around the house.

Then, I was at browsing yarn another day (really I have way too much yarn already, but again I digress). I saw a knitting loom and thought, that would be much easier to teach than crochet for a first timer, who is 8.
He took right to it.
I think he is proud of his work.
He is so diligent.
Santa will be hard pressed to pick a better Christmas gift for me this year. Isn't this the most beautiful scarf you have ever seen?
This is his next project. We chose some straight yarn for his teacher's scarf and he's making it himself. I think he's proud!
Now, I need a home for this "wavy" purple scarf, that I made.


Aimee said...

Nice job, Jacob! I'm impressed! :)

Spooky said...

Too cool!!!

Melissa May said...

(this is a continuation of my last comment.) But I had to pop over and tell you I was actually staring at your scarf this morning from behind you trying to figure out the stitch! : ) Isn't that funny? Now I know why I couldn't quite figure it out. It wasn't crocheted! But it was beautiful!!!

Karah said...

Wow, that's great!! And he SHOULD be proud :)