Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am thankful today.

I am thankful for a wonderful husband who got up early this morning, put the turkey in the oven and let me sleep. Is there anything more attractive than a man in the kitchen?

I am thankful for my awesome, healthy children. They have spent several days this week with their grandparents, and it was so quiet here. I missed the energy that is a houseful of boys! I love these guys so much.

I am thankful for our parents. My dad and Brian's mom have been so helpful to us over the years. We would not be where we are if not for their love and support... and babysitting!

I am thankful for my education. I'm still in the middle of it, but it allows me to follow my heart and help people when they need it most. I see on a regular basis just how blessed I am.

I am thankful for Brian's education. It pays the bills while I am going to school. I'm thankful that Brian has found a career that he loves. We will never be wealthy, but we are happy at work.

I am thankful that we have everything we need. We have a home, in this terrible economy, when so many are homeless. We have food, when many are hungry. We have love, when so many are lonely. We are truly blessed.


Aimee said...

No, there are few things more attractive than a man in the kitchen.

Happy Turkey Day, m'dear!

Aimee said...

Heya! I tagged you for a meme. ;)