Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy birthday to my favorite nephew SHAWN! We had a great time hanging out with him and his friends yesterday. I think he had fun too, if this photo is any indication. "I only missed it by this much."
Unfortunately, I did not realize that my camera battery was nearly dead. This was the last photo I got, and it didn't even flash. But, I did get one (very bad) picture of the object of Shawn's affection. That would be Hilda; she the only girl in the picture. She is such a tiny thing, which is particularly funny considering Shawn is at least 6 feet tall.
This is Shawn's friend Matt. I wonder what the result of this ball was. He's not giving any indication in this picture. I think he's holding his breath.
Here's Joshua. Doesn't look excited here. Can you get a good picture of someone bowling, because everyone seems to look like this, lol.
Hey, Shawn gets to bowl too. And I think he did too shabby either.
This is Aunt Sheri's princess. Also known as Shawn's little sister Faith. She is such a cutie!
This is Shawn's dad, Jeb. I'm so glad he came and brought Faith. Shawn was happy to have them both there too. Oh, and Jeb kicked our collective behinds at bowling.
Jacob got into it too. I didn't get a picture of Nate due to the dead battery. But, I think we have to do thing again soon. The kids loved it.
And what's a birthday without a birthday cake, even when you're 15! Somehow Shawn acquired the nickname Pacman. My understanding is that it had something to do with playing badminton in PE last year. Anyway, he was very happy with his Pacman cake. He is so easy to please.


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