Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So, I thought I would wait until later today to post. But, then I thought I could post now and stretch this election business into two posts. So this is how NaBloPoMo works, lol.

WE VOTED! I am so excited about this election. I am so excited about being part of history that this election represents. I am so excited that my kids are old enough to care and have opinions of their own. The oldest two will be old enough to vote in the next presidential election. WOW!

Brian got time off to vote today. So we went together after the little boys got out of school. We have taken the kid to the polls with us every time. Jacob was with me and I showed him my ballot. We talked about how you fill in the bubbles just like a test at school. He even read over some of the propositions, before I told him I needed to actually vote (fortunately, there was not a line, so we weren't holding anyone up). Then he watched me vote. Maybe not the best idea. He did not agree with my vote on one of the propositions and made it know. I told him we would talk about it when I was finished. And we did. He still doesn't agree with me, and that's ok. I'm glad he cares enough to challenge even me. And for what it's worth, Brian voted the other way on that proposition, so we cancelled each other out.

I am looking forward to hanging out tonight and watching it all unfold. Regardless how you vote. Letyour voice be heard. This year, it might just matter!

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