Saturday, November 01, 2008

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (a day late)
We are not largely into Halloween at our house. But the boys do like to dress up. (Two years ago Grandma found a bunch of Halloween costumes on clearance at Target and the boys have played in them for two years now.) We trick or Treated one block of our neighborhood and now our house is stocked with enough candy to last til Christmas, I think. And, I think grandma has candy for them too, since she was working last night.

Now, for you Halloween pleasure: Our Family Halloween Parade.

Here is Nate. The adorable red-headed "skelakin."
Star Wars has long been a popular them in our house.
Here are Jacob and Joshua as Clone Troopers (I think).
Shawn was more into the costume. I had fun painting his face.
Two years ago, I bought this costume to wear at the hospital.
Yesterday, I got to where it again. It is fun to dress up when you work with kids.
And this is my handsome husband. Doesn't he look classy.
I hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween and are now well stocked with candy for the rest of the season. Hopefully, our stash will get me through finals...

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Spooky said...

We missed you guys today! Good luck on NaMoBloPo. I try to find interesting things to blog about daily, but honestly, I end up just posting goofy stuff sometimes, just so I don't miss a day ;)