Saturday, November 15, 2008

I love being a soccer mom. Even when it means getting up early on a Saturday morning, lugging the lawn chairs, water bottles, snacks, sweaters and my coffee, from one field to another to catch both boys' games. Even when we have two practices at two different schools at the same time. Actually, that doesn't bother me so much, because I am in class at the time and Brian is juggling practice. I don't even mind slopping across the muddy practice field in my work shoes, because I go straight from work to meet them there.

Ok, so soccer is a bit inconvenient. Actually, it's a bit ol' pain. But, I seriously love it! And the kids love it! And they are so cute in their uniforms...

Here's Nate playing goalie.
Way to block that kick, NATE!
Could they be any cuter? This is the under 6 team.
Here is Jacob's team warming up.
Practicing some dribbling.
Teamwork! Pass that ball.
This one says it all!


Aimee said...

So cute!
I'm glad you love it - I did not. :) Soccer just didn't hold my attention. Tee ball was much more fun! ;)

Melissa May said...

I admire you, Sheri. I just cannot bring myself to want to involve my kids in any kind of sporting activity at all. (Probably because I was never good at sports...) But I agree, they do look so cute! Good job!