Saturday, November 08, 2008

Two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to be photographed by my dear and talented friend Melissa of Priceless Reflections. She lives in Ohio, but was going on a cruise out of California and agreed to photograph our family and do Joshua's senior pictures while she was out here. I have always wanted family pictures one the beach. And while she had never done beach photos, she was such a sport to do this for us. Here is a sneak peek at the bazillion pictures she took that day. We had so much fun and these capture that. Melissa, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Here are my boys!
Brian and I with the little boys.
I love this one! The picture and the man!
So much fun trying to this one. I think there is a better one.
This is my gang!


Melissa May said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!!! Especially the last one... I really want some nice family pics of us now that we're 5... but when, who knows!!! : )

Spooky said...

Those are GREAT pictures!!

Aimee said...

Those are GORGEOUS!! I'm so jealous!

Man, too bad our boys will be a year apart in graduating from high school in ten or so years...we could have co-sponsored a trip of hers to come out and do their senior pics...

dl said...

Gosh, these are gorgeous photos! :-)