Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy today. Nate is SEVEN! Where has the time gone? Nate loves helium balloons. So, Grandma bought a helium tank and last night Joshua and I filled seven balloons and put them in his room. It was a fun surprise to wake up to this morning.
Here is is collecting his balloons.
My silly boy, with very fine hair that reacts well to static.
Then we headed south. the plan was to go to Six flags today. But, we got a late start. Hmm, I think it might have had something to do with the fact that Mom wasn't able to do all the packing/organizing and getting everyone out the door on one leg and two crutches, lol. The plan was to stay over night and go to the beach tomorrow. Well, we decided to go to the beach today and hit the park tomorrow, when we can get there early enough to spend the day.
My little guys on the beach
Nate climbing the rope at Muscle Beach. I saw a couple of buff adults climb it and a few, older kids try. But, none of the other kids succeeded. My Nate has amazing upper body strength; and I think he is part monkey too.
After we checked into our hotel,
we went out for a birthday snack.
Have you seen a happier birthday boy?
Love that toothless smile.
Stay tuned for a blog about our Magic Mountain adventure. It should interesting trying to manage an amusement park on crutches...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nate!!
Sounds like a wild and crazy adventure!

Happy Holidays too :)