Sunday, December 27, 2009

We finally made it back to church today. Sadly, it has been several weeks since we've been to church. Between my crazy school schedule and Joshua coming home on the weekends, and needing to go back on on Sundays. It was great for me. I miss my weekly spiritual uplift.

So, we took the little boys with us, since our family of 6 (plus my dad) still does not fit into our 5 passenger car (Rick, we NEED a new car, or better yet a van). Anyway, while the little boys are away, the big boys will play...with their Christmas present. We came home to some impressive marble runs.
Nate is checking out Papa's building
The older boys working on their own creation
Oh the excitement of marbles rolling downhill...

When we got home, my dad informed us that we were expecting company. Two of his sisters were visiting his brother across town, and were on their way to our house next. Um, great, I have not cleaned up anything from Christmas morning. Nor am I in any condition to clean anything to the point of being guest acceptable. But, they came anyway, and it seems they had a good visit.
Aunt Ruby, Aunt Mary and my Dad
Then, we sent that little boys to Grandma's house, and Joshua went to Brandi's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDI!!! We took my Dad home and Brian and I went to a movie, ALONE. We saw Blind Side. Awesome movie, two thumbs up. Take your kleenex.


doridoki said...
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Amy said...

That marble run looks awesome. What's the name of it? And where did you get it?