Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning ~ Stockings first.
Santa almost got the right game

Another DS game and a new toothbrush!

Brian always get a funny pair of boxers

Last year Mom's stocking was left empty. So this year, my little sweetie gave me candy and this note. My boys are going to be awesome husbands someday!

Nate has been waiting so long for this

This is THE gift the year

The other BIG gift
Everyone got into building the marble run
It took a team to build this
Hmm, the directions say it should go here
Almost there
And it was still fun to play with today!
I think it is quite possible that Jacob is the only child who got this playset that was concerned that Osiris' and Anubis' accessories were wrong. Gotta love having really smart kids!


Amy said...

Oh my gosh, your son is too sweet! I hope you keep that note forever. Looks like it was a great morning.

sportzmom said...

Love your son's note...too sweet! Love the marble run also. It looks like it would provide HOURS of fun (always a good thing!)

nora said...

Love the updates Sheri! Plus, with all you've been through, you're allowed to miss church. God says so! :)

We took the boys to see the Tut exhibit. They saw it in Ft. Lauderdale about 3 years ago, and then ago this past month here. Have you considered taking Jacob? I'll meet and buy you guys lunch! :)


Melissa May said...

We got a marble run, too, but yours is cooler! Jacob's SWEET note reminds me of the one with the bear he sent with you to the retreat last year. (speaking of... are you coming to the retreat?) Love the comment about the accessories. I hardly even know who those guys are, let alone what their accessories should be! Funny!