Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here's a little update on this past week: First, I haven't been getting around much, lol. Now, that doesn't really sound like me does it? Well, I am getting around a little better on my crutches. You might remember my little incident last Tuesday.

Well, Jacob's class has had many field trips this fall; and they have all been on Thursdays. And, Thursdays have been my three class in a row days, 8-5 straight in class. So, I haven't been able to make any. I promised him I would go to the Meux Home Museum with him in December. So, I hobbled along, chaperoning 3 very well mannered little boys. I even went UP THE STAIRS! So there. I. AM. SUPER. MOM. Overall, it was a fun trip. I was so looking forward to it...before the crutches, lol.
Jacob (top right) and his classmates.
(Photos were not allowed inside the museum.)
So it is, Christmas of the beads 2009. This scarf was made for Jacob's teacher. It is fuzzy and white, and trimmed with crystals and clear tear drops. I love the sparkly trim. It makes it festive, without being over done.
This one was for Nate's teacher. Actually, I made the scarf last year, and it didn't find a home. This year, I trimmed it with beads and it is so pretty. These beads are little more random, but pretty.
And because, these special gifts have been received, I can share them now. When I saw these lovely green beads, they screamed AIMEE! I even had enough to make earrings, lol. So much fun. I love making things with someone in mind. Just wish I could have been there when she got them!
Then there were these fun funky beads. My friend JODI is a fun funky introverted type. They were perfect for her. She is also a teacher. And teachers can pull off fun and funky. I didn't have enough beads for the earrings, but I had some in the right color. The little cubes have swirls of red and blue, so they work, although you can't the that, lol.
I made myself one too, with the same "Friends" charm. We are kind of three musketeer-ish. I so much wish we lived closer. We have had great chats...wish we could chat over coffee. Someday.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Sheri!! I love my earrings and bracelet. They are very much "me." :)