Saturday, November 13, 2010

12 of 12 ~ November. Thank you to Aimee for introducing my to 12 of 12. Here are 12 random photos of my day yesterday, the 12th of November.
9:57am ~ Thanks Jenny for the reminder.
10:02am ~ Good morning sunshine. Teenagers and mornings without school don't really go together.
10:20am ~ I wonder how many time my washing machine has been on 12 of 12. It seems I am doing laundry every day. And no the kitty didn't get washed. She's just nosy.
11:30ish ~ Since Shawn was going to his dad's and Nate was at my dad's, Jacob and I needed something to do.
12:00ish ~ Making mini cupcakes, with Reese's chips. 12:15ish ~ um, this is my spot, notice my laptop.
12:30ish ~ These could be the best cupcakes EVER.
12:35ish ~ Again?
1:00ish ~ When we were out, Jacob also chose yarn for his teacher's scarf. I love that he likes to do this. That's one less gift for me to make!
1:00ish ~ Quality time together. Another Holiday gift.
6:30pm ~ Jacob got to chose dinner. Great choice.
6:45ish ~ I love conversations with Jacob. He's so animated.
It was a great day spent with Jacob. I do not get a full day with just one child very often. I hope days like this leave good memories for them, as they do for me.


sportzmom said...

What a great day! Cupcakes look yummy!

Amy said...

I love that he makes the teacher's gift himself. I bet they love it, too. Does he make a scarf every year or does he pick something new each year?