Monday, January 25, 2010

In case anyone didn't know, California had some crazy weather last week. Well, since Monday was a holiday Joshua did not have classes; and as it happened he only had one class on Wednesday. So instead of sending him up on the train for one class. We opted to play hookie and take a road trip. Brandi came along too.

In between storms, we caught glimpses of blue sky.

We even spotted a rainbow in the distance.

Instead of coming straight home, we decided to take the scenic route, aka: Pacific Coast Highway. It's always a beautiful drive, even in the rain. The ocean looked particularly angry to me this day. Interesting that you cannot see where the grey sky and the ocean come together.
Between showers, we stopped at Point Loma Lighthouse.

We all got out and walked toward the beach to enjoy the view of the ocean. (Remember, I'm on crutches) Well, after a very few minutes, it starts to sprinkle...ALOT...FAST. It was the craziest thing. So, Brian runs up to get the car to come get us, so I don't have to walk so far. It was a sudden downpour. But, it was a pretty view.

Ignore the double chin. But, look how wet my hair is, Brandi too. We were only out there a few minutes. It was too funny. Probably, one of the best moments of the day.

Further down the road, we came to a traffic control area. If you look closely, you can see a broken power pole in this picture. What you do not see are the downed trees. It was a mess. PG&E and CalTrans were cleaning up the road and only one lane was open.

Frothy ocean and mean clouds

Project 52- 2010: My random picture of the week is from the same road trip. I have to say I do not like tolls. So here is the toll booth of the Dumbarton Bridge, crossing the San Francisco Bay. just because.


Brandi said...

The downpour was definitely the best part ;)

Anonymous said...

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sportzmom said...

I got to San Francisco the day after! We had GREAT weather the entire time I was there! I figure this is payback! Hope all is well with you...getting off those crutches any time soon?