Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Finally, some pictures of the house. We are totally living the American dream, all wrapped up in a white picket fence. I love my house, although it still has a lot of work to be done. I smile as walk down the street and see it. It's so welcoming. I love the big trees (and I love that I have kids to rake the leaves). So here it is:

Here are few photos from inside. The kitchen floor still needs to be replaced. It has old scarred up linoleum, but the cabinets are nice. The counter tops and the back splash are all tile, which are in nice shape too. We are also planning to re-paint the walls though; as they are an odd shade of sea foam green in there currently. It might be ok for a nursery, but not so much for a kitchen/dining room. We are thinking yellow. We found a nice shade that goes great with the cabinets and our dining room set is the same light maple color.

Here is a picture of Jacob's Pokemon/soccer room. We were unsure of a theme for him, so we combines the two things he loves right now. He is so excited to just have his own room, that I don't think it would have mattered if he had anything in there at all, so long as he can keep Nate out when he chooses. I wish I could have captured his expression when he realized that he had his own room. The fact that the house has four bedrooms was kept a surprise until after we closed. He thought until then that he was going to share a room with Nate. Jacob is good about taking care of his things and keeping his room picked up. Nate, not so much...
Then there is Nate's Transformer bedroom. We were planning to stick with the Thomas train bedding we bought him a couple of years ago. But, when talked to Jacob about how he wanted to decorate his "side" of the bedroom (I know we played it up), Nate kept saying he wanted Transformers for "his side." I guess he has outgrown the trains to some extent. Although he still loves to play with them. We will set his train table up in the living room as soon as it is painted (this weekend). The rug on the floor was bought for Joshua when he was about the same age. Boy, I have got my money's worth out of it. Nate is not so thrilled about having his own room. He is such a social creature and would much rather be in the same room with anyone else. But, that's ok with us, most of the time... Here is Nate's room:

As for the big boys. They share a room and it pretty boring. They are teenagers. Enough said? They have bunk beds. I don't have any pictures. Their beds hadn't arrived when I took pictures of the little boys rooms and I just didn't think about it after that. I'm sure they don't care to have their room displayed on the internet anyway...

My room? Well there is still work to be done in there too. So, maybe that will come some day.

Keep checking in. I'm going to start sharing home improvement projects. That should be fun. We have already re-done the hardwood floors in the living room. That was our first adventure and I have photos. We have also begun painting. The living room is currently primer white. And the main bathroom... well, I have pictures of that too. Some things you just have to see.

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Tracey R. said...

Yay, you posted!

The house looks adorable - LOVE the white picket fence. Congrats!!