Sunday, May 18, 2008

I have for a long time had issues with the philosophy of boy scouts and since I have three boys, that has pretty ruled out scouting for our family. But, I must say that I have longed for the comraderie of scouting, the excuses to do fun outdoorsy things and earn patches and go camping with friends. Not that we need an excuse to do fun outdoorsy things, we love the outdoors, but it's fun to earn patches. Plus, it's nice to share ideas with other people for things to do.
SO! The world of scouting has opened up to us. Yesterday, we attended our first spiral scouts meeting! (I know Aimee is so jealous) I am so excited about this. Spiral scouts are interfaith, inclusive, co-ed, all values I want to instill in my boys! (Yes, I can be a Christian, a democrat and a spiral scout, how about that!)
Our meeting was held at the Discovery Center, which is a not too well know gem in our area. I have been there on a few field trips and every time I go I think, I need to bring the kids here more often. It's an amazing place to explore stuff.

Here is Nate peering out the window of a
replica of Saturn IV rocket capsule (I think).

This is the worm farm, which was really cool to Nate.
Jacob would rather not get his hands dirty.

Then there was this maze. Wondered who would emerge first Brian or Nate. You never know where that child will go, he makes his own path :-)

Then there was the actual spiral scouts meeting. Our cirlce leader rocks. She has been working on this baby for a long time and here it is. Our first meeting was kind of a get to know each other and learn a bit about spiral scouts. We learned a new song too. And had snacks. What more could you ask for? It was a great start. I asked Jacob, my skeptic, what he thought, if he wanted to join. He said he would try it for a while. That's a big commitment for him. He is looking forward to camping (even if he has to leave his puppy with grandma).

This was our candle lighting ceremony. The center candle represents our new friendships. The other candles represent the elements. I was going to list them, but I can't remember them all (sorry Beckie). Bad scout mom. I will bring snacks, I'm good at that :-)

Our getting to know each other activity: Beckie handed out the worng name tags to each scout; they had to find out who had theirs and introduce themselves. Of course it was cute when she first handed them out and everyone protested that she gave them the wrong names.

Our first "craft" project was a group mural. Each scout was to write their name and draw something they wanted to or learn in spiral scouts. Neat idea.

Circle leader Russel with Nate.

Circle leader Beckie with Jacob, and a new friend.

These were the spiral scouts at our first meeting. I there were a few who couldn't make it. But, I think we had a good turn out and have a good size group to start with. Their uniform with consist of the dark green polo shirts and khaki pants/shorts. I didn't want to buy them until we were sure we were going to do this. (we're sure)

We concluded our meeting in a circle with "pass the squeeze." The circle leader squeezed a scout's hand (happened to be Nate), then he squeezed the next hanf and so forth around the cirlce. Neat way to end the meeting.

We had a great time and are looking forward to many exciting adventures in scouting!


Beckie said...

Great post!! I am still waiting for pictures, LOL!!

Aimee said...

So. Freaking. Jealous.

But so happy for you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Scouts is also outlawed here, due to their philosophies, specifically the homophobia.

But it's also a good excuse, since I have zero interest in any of the actual scout activities. :) Fortunately Rich wholeheartedly agrees with me on the no boy scout thing. I'm thinking they don't have this particular scouting group in the Bible belt (and if they do, don't tell me - I don't want to lose my excuse to avoid scouts!)