Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today, I had planned to share with you some photos from the boys soccer games yesterday. It was the first game of the season for each of them and Nate's first game ever. Nate had had a dentist appointment which meant that he and I left Jacob's game early. I left my camera with Joshua to take some more pictures. He took two pictures:

Shawn was goofing off in one of the little boys' chairs and falling over backwards. I think he cracked himself up the most. Silly boys!
And a self portrait. I assume he took this of himself. But, I wasn't there, so I really have no idea what the story behind this picture is.

What is even funnier is that at some point after we got home from the dentist yesterday and when I came here to post soccer pictures, Nate got a hold of my camera and took 70, yes 7-0! pictures of random things around the house. It's a good thing it's a digital camera. But, after looking through his photos, I decided to blog a selection of those and save the soccer pictures for another time. So here is a glimpse of our house through Nate's eyes...

We'll start in Jacob's room since that seems to be Nate's favorite place to hang out:

Here is a closeup of the Pikachu pattern on Jacob's sheets.

And here is the pillow case.

These are Jacob's soccer and t-ball trophies on his desk.

I think these guys may have been staged for photos.

Here's Pikachu on Jacob's bookshelf. That is his Pokemon card binder.
And here is Jacob's shoe. Why? I have no idea.

Here are some of Nate's favorite toys:
This is the Wall*E that Nate worked really hard for.

This is "Iron Man" made of Legos. (excuse the filthy sink in their bathroom)

This is one of many Thomas (and friends) trains at our house.

This is Jacob's webkin Katee. It's not supposed to be a tub toy, but...

Some random pictures that Nate took:

Nate's homework folder.

This is the front of the washing machine. again, why?

Oh, here is the inside of the washing machine, lol.

Vanilla Wafers, bought for banana pudding, didn't make it that long. I wondered who kept getting into them. Hmmm.

And, inside the refrigerator. I'm sure you all wanted to see that.

Another self portrait. Another silly boy.

This one is titled "Me Upside Down" by Nate.

I'm sure there is some artistic photographic talent in there somewhere. Sometimes, this boy amazes me with what he comes up with. Soccer pics to come...


Aimee said...

I. Love. It.


Melissa May said...

Cute, cute cute!!! Mik and Toby love taking pictures, too... but they're not so artistic. Esp. Toby's! And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get Timothy out from under the bathroom sink.