Sunday, April 05, 2009

Recently, as my dad was moving some of his belongings from his rented storage to either his new apartment, or to the storage shed in my back yard, he came across a treasure box. A cardboard treasure box. In this box were many old photo albums, that are begging to be scrapbooked into heirloom storybooks before the stories are forgotten.

We shed a few tears going through old family albums. There were pictures of my beautiful mother, still in her teens, with long dark hair, prior to and in the early years of marriage. Pictures of my dad, with thick hair and sideburns, which thankfully went out of style in the 70s, but are humorous to look at now. Photos of lost, but still loved, grandparents and great grandparents.

I will share some of these in time, I'm sure, as I sort them and begin to tell the story. But, I wanted to share this treasure. This is my maternal great grandmother's family Bible. I'm not sure when it was given/received because none of the information was filled in, including the family tree, which was a disappointment. But, there were many treasures to be found in Grandma's Bible.
My great grandmother completed "Successful Sunday School Teaching" on October 21, 1947. There were also membership certificates for her and my great grandfather for the church they attended in the 1950s.
This is my great grandparents wedding picture. They were married in either the late 1920s or early 1930s. I'm going to have to find out. I think I can find that information fairly easy. But, I love that this photo has both set of their parents as well. I have never seen pictures of my great-great grandparents before! (Aimee ~ Guess what I will be dabbling in the this summer?)
Here are my great grandparents and my grandmother. She was born in 1934 (I believe).
This is my great grandmother (on the left) and her brother. I'm not sure who the women are, although their first names are on the back of the photo. The little girl is my mother.
So Aimee, when you are all settled in Seattle, want to help me figure out who these people are and when they were born. I need to be pointed in the right direction. I also have me great great grandfather's newspaper obituary. Good thing my great grandma was a pack rat!


Aimee said...

Sheri, funnnn!! Congrats on finding such a great haul! Mom and I were going through her great-grandparents' trunk yesterday, sorting these photos. The boys were mostly bored, but they and Jason were impressed by the framed certificates & such. I procured my grandmother's Rainbow Girls watch (which I plan on wearing) and my (probably) great-grandfather's old Brownie camera, which I'll eventually display with the antique camera we have that belonged to Jason's grandfather.

One thing - check again on that wedding portrait. The clothing styles - both dresses and suits - seem to be 1940's/1950's. It's possible that it was your grandparents' wedding!

M said...

WoW! Very cool stuff! I uncovered a few treasures when I moved out my mom's belongings...fortuantely a lot of photos have names and dates on the back.

Have fun going through everything!

M said...