Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last weekend the senior complex where my dad lives hosted a birthday party for those celebrating birthdays in September, including my dad and Joshua (since he was going to be there away).

What's a party without balloons?
Nate was a big helper. Look at those cheeks!
Joshua was the only one tall enough to hang the balloons.
The decorating crew
What's a birthday party without cake?
September birthdays: My Dad, Joanie, and Joshua
Jacob and Dakota (big brother of Princess)
Brandi, Joshua and Munchie: Practicing?
Friends of my Dad
Joanie and her husband Richard serenading us
My Uncle Ken (2nd from the right)
Most of my gang
Nate helping Papa open his presented
A lot of fun was had. I think Papa was surprised to have everyone there. He seemed to enjoy himself.

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