Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hi, my name is Sheri and I am addicted to overalls.

Seriously. I am a boy mom. And is there anything cuter than a little boy in overalls? I buy overalls for every baby shower. Boy or girl. Because, I love overalls.

So tonight, Jacob wanted to look at his scrapbook (which is WAY out of date, but that is not the point). I had him sit on the couch with me and we looked to together. I started out pointing out how cute he looked in overalls.
At ONE month old
THREE months old
FOUR months old
FIVE months
SIX months
No overalls in this one, but I love it because it has Joshua and Shawn (when they were both still shorter than me).
First Birthday
Second Christmas (this page is not done, just photos in the sleeve)

Second BirthdaySecond Birthday
No overalls here either, but I love this one too
Jacob's Third Birthday. Look, he and Nate are both in overalls!
These are only the "occasion" photos. His scrapbook is full of overalls! So, OK. Maybe I am a little obsessed. Then along came Nate who, "no like oberalls." Broke mommy's heart.


Tab said...

LOL!! Poor Jacob. I wear overalls as needed, some jobs are really dirty and they also help hide the boobage. Chris has a few pairs of overalls, I like 'em! It's easy to catch him when runs by. I used to dress him in overalls every time we went to the park so I could grab him easily if he tried to run into the street.

Hehehehe, want some overalls for your birthday? The TSC store has some.

Jessica said...

Hi Sheri! Stopping by to say hello. :)

Your kids are so cute. Love the overalls! I don't have kids but I ever have a little boy I might become obsessed with overalls as well.

Melissa May said...

That's hilarious Sheri! : ) Love it!