Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My computer is in the shop (again) so I wasn't able to post my 9/11 post. I did want to say that I remember 9/11/2001 like it was yesterday. I remember the early morning phone call from my dad saying "They bombed the pentagon", because that was the one of the first thoughts. I remember going to school and for weeks watching my 4 and 5 year old build towers out of blocks and knock them down with toy airplanes as they processed what they were seeing on TV every day. I remember holding my one year old a little tighter and telling my 9 year old I loved him one more time. To which he replied, "I know." This day is etched in history and in the minds of those of us who experienced it. We will never forget.

But, what I really want to share is 9/11/2011. This year I didn't wake up to the phone ringing, rather I woke up to Nate yelling, "Mia peed on the couch!" Mind you Mia 'was' pregnant and very well litter box trained. So, I didn't think she peed on the couch. I picked her up and loved on her and noticed what look like a small balloon protruding from 'below'. I yelled for Nate to get me a towel and put it in a box for her. I petted her, soothed her and loved on her. Nate was amazing too, encouraging her in the sweetest gentlest voice, "you can do it" and "don't stop."

My sweet girl Mia in early labor
My baby girl had a hard time with the first one. It took over an hour after her water broke (on the couch) until we saw a tail sticking out. I'll spare you that picture. Then a paw and a leg. In between contractions it would go back up. I had to help deliver the first one. It was nearly dry when it came out. It was amazing to me. This was the first time I had seen anything born.

What the heck just happened?

Baby one is all black. We named him (it) Justice. Baby two came out much easier still in the amniotic sac, but also breech. This one looks more like Mia with darker coloring. This one came out letting the world know it was here. It also fought the siblings for a nipple, even though there are only three kittens and 8 nipples. This one is feisty. Meet Baby Freedom.

Baby number 3 had a little trouble breathing at first and I got to wipe her (it) down and wiggle it to make it cry. Nice huh? Baby Liberty is the softest and has beautiful markings.

Nate was so sweet and gentle
My grand kitties: Justice (top), Liberty (left) and Freedom (right). My 9/11 babies.

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Amy said...

Oh, what a joyful event for 9-11. I LOVE the names!