Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh yeah, I have a blog. Thanks for the reminder Tracey.

Life has been crazy this past month. I am in house buying hell. Somehow, I thought buying a house would be something like buying a car. You pick one you like. You sign a bunch of papers, that you barely skim over. Then it's yours to drive off the lot, or in this case, move in to. Well, buying a house is nothing like buying a car. It's more like some insane scavenger hunt with a huge prize at the end, but only if you acquire all of the things on the list, in a timely manner. Since we move here just shy of a year ago, there are many things still in boxes in the garage (some of which will not be moving to the new house, because if I haven't needed it in a year, I probably don't need it). Anyway, included in those boxes are important papers, like the last ten years of tax returns, work and bank information, etc. Um, now which box or filing cabinet would that be. Maybe, it would be easier to just request copies from the IRS. Yeah right!

So, it has been a long crazy month. In my efforts to get together our life history of "important papers," I seem to have fallen behind in my school work. Not a good thing or comfortable for such an anal student as me. I am scrambling now to get back on track, as midterms and projects and papers (oh my!) sneak up on me. I have talked to two of my profs and they are understanding; gotta love social work profs. But, I don't like it one bit. The stress has been really getting to me. My husband said to me at one point that he hadn't seen me this unsettled since I was postpartum. That was such an accurate statement. I was losing it. I don't like not being/feeling in control.

Fortunately, it's getting better. We have an accepted offer on a house. This is the second house this month that we have been to this point on though, so I am cautiously optimistic. The home inspection is being done on Monday. The pest inspection should be done sometime this week too, I think. We are kind of in a lull as far as things I have to do. We have an awesome real estate agent. I should be happy and tackling the work I am behind in. But, I am just so tired. I really need to get a grip. This semester is half over and it has totally been a blur. Hoping the next one is better.

Wow, what a pity party that was. But, it felt good to get it out. Now, on to the weekend. Lets see: Soccer, pick up parents from airport, birthday party on Sunday - 3 hours each way! Oy. Breath.

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Anonymous said...

Birthday party 3 hours each way? Oh Lord, not in the cards for me these days. Although...come to think of it...I'll be doing that twice this semester (once already, once December 1st) to Dallas which is closer to 3.5 hours away for friends. So..yeah, I guess we make sacrifices for people we love, right?

But how very inconvenient.

December 11th is the magic date for me, the date of my last exam and the long holiday break. Eye on the prize...December 11th.