Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween... Ok, so it's a day late. But, that's how I work lately.

Yesterday, I was able to hang around the little boys' school until their parade was over. That worked nicely as I was able to see both of them with their classmates in their costumes. I had class, so I was not able to stay for Nate's party. I'm ok with that. I did pack little goody bags for each of them to share with their classmates. I think there is some hidden guilt there that I am not the super mom who plans and attends all the parties with fresh baked goodies. Of course, we can't have fresh baked goodies anymore anyway, so that helps some. I did my part to add to the sugar rush in my little bags that they could take home. Actually, there was only one candy in there, a glow stick (for safer trick or treaters) and glow in the dark plastic vampire teeth (for some reason kids always love those).
So here are some pics of the kids yeterday (assuming I can figure out how to add pics):
First up we have Nate, my little red-headed spiderman (in Jacob's costume from last year), along with the others spiders who descended on his class yesterday. It seems Spiderman was a popular alter ego this year. Gotta love four year olds in big muscle costumes.
Then there is Jacob, who you can't really see because of his mask. But, that's him as the black Spiderman. See what I mean about the popularity of Spiderman; I had two in my house. The ninja next to him is his best friend Skylar. Of course, you can't see him either.
Next up we have Shawn. Dressing up is not so much for high school kids. It's more about how well you can freak out your teachers and fellow classmates. As I understand it, he got the desired responses with this little added affliction. This my friends is why we don't throw pencils in the air and try to the catch them in our mouths.

Here's Joshua, who likes to simply get a reaction. He did not wear this to school, just to his girlfriend's house for fun and teenage trick or treating. I actually bought this costume last year to wear when I was working at Children's Hospital. I had the honor of leading the Halloween parade for the children in the hospital on Halloween. But, on Joshua, well it's just different!

A few years ago a stange movie called Napolean Dynamite came out. When it did, my dear husband was repeated told how much he looked like a certain character named Kip. We had to rent the movie just to see, because he heard it so much from students and colleagues alike. Well, this year, he decided to go with it (and found a "kip accesory kit" since we do not own a "do rag"). I understand he got quite the reaction in his costume at school as well. Here is Brian as Kip. Another math teacher was Napolean, complete with curly wig and "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt. I'm still waiting to see the pictures from school.

There you have, my boys at there... um, most interesting. It also gives you a glimpse at their unique (well maybe not the little guys) personalities. (Now let's see if this works).

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I LOVE your dh as Kip. That is AWESOME. I love Napoleon Dynamite.

And how cute is your Nate? He reminds me of a little Opie. I'm sure you hear that a lot.

How do you have 2 sons that old? Girlfriend, you look too young!

Priceless Melissa said...