Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What a week it has been. The day after Thanksgiving I spend packing and loading the POD with things that we don't have to have to survive for the next two weeks here. Well, some of those things anyway.

Then, I had to switch gears and work on a couple of papers that I had due this week. Just finished the paper from HELL on Social Security reform.

Now, I need to spend some more time packing. I am having the hardest time switching back and forth between student and wife/mom and I'm really not doing a very good job at any of them right now.

I feel like I haven't seen mine kids in a week. They spent a most of Thanksgiving week with the grandparents. Then this week I have been chained to my desk and pretty much un-accessible. I feel bad.

I haven't been a good student. I am a very anal student. I am freaking out about the prospect of getting a B in my policy class. I keep telling myself I need to let it go. I have so much on my plate right now. I just can't do it all and it's not like I'm slacking deliberately. But, I know me and I can't let it go that easy. I have to kick myself around about it.

I haven't been a good helper with the packing since last Friday. I want to help. Actually, I want to be in control, because no one will pack it the way I want it packed, so that I can find things when we move. I don't have time to do it myself, but I want to bitch about anyone else does it. Shame on me! I need to let that go too.

I haven't been a very good wife either. I don't remember the last time I had sex with my husband. It's not because he hasn't tried. Bless his patient heart. I'm just so tired mentally and physically, that I don't want to be touched.

I feel an ulcer coming. I just have to survive till the end of semester. The house is supposed to close sometime in the last week of classes. I guess when it's over, it will ALL be over. I just have to get there. I'm hanging on by my fingernail. Good thing I have a good support network to catch me if I let go.


Priceless Melissa said...

HANG IN THERE... keep on hanging.... it'll all be done and over soon and you will enjoy your kids and hubby in the new house... hang tough girlfriend!!! That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger. So think of how strong you're going to be ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Anal student? Check.

Bad wife who doesn't have sex with her husband? Check.

Spend way too little time with my kids? Check.

I hear you girl.