Monday, November 05, 2007

So, today I was thinking about husbands. I was thinking about how wonderful mine is. How supportive he is of me and my educational pursuits. He humors me when I have crazy ideas and goes along, when I know he doesn't want to. Even though our religious convictions are different, he goes to church with our family every Sunday and even helps when I teach Sunday school. He is smart. Now, I have dated less smart guys (I even married on of them). And I really appreciate being able to carry on an intelligent conversation. We do not always agree. As a matter of fact we can get a good argument going on. I don't mean a fight, I mean an argument, like lawyers. We get on different sides of a point and debate it. And this is fun, usually. We love to hang out together. We like to hike in Yosemite (which I am hoping to do again on Veteran's Day since there is no school). We like to stroll the beach. We genuinely like being together.

So, I was thinking about husbands and started thinking about my friends' husbands (not like that). Now Tracey's husband has already been sainted. He supports her pursuing another master's degree in a subject she is passionate about (so am I). Melissa's husband should be sainted too, well because he's Melissa's husband (just kidding Mel). But seriously this guy is a gem. While is away from home alot, they talk all the time. Did you know pilots talk on cell phones, scary! They have a great relationship. Then there's Aimee's husband. He is awesome too, plugging away at grad school, yet still making time to hang with his boys and play board games and video games with his wife. They love each other so much, she gushes when she talks about him. Then there is Jodi's husband. He's a bit on the quiet side, but also very supportive. He was kind enough to host the first night of our girlfriend weekend, so I got to see him action. He was so gentle with his sons. Jodi and her husband spend alot of car time together and do lots of home projects.

Kudos to Brian, Rich, David, Jason and Michael. We are blessed to have such awesome husbands. You are setting a great example to your sons of how to be real men and how to treat the women in their lives. You are also setting high standards for the way your daughters will expect to be treated by the men in their lives.

So, I was also thinking about a handful of other friends (acquaintances?). There is a group of stay home moms I know (I won't mention any names). Not that being a stay at home mom is the issue, these just happen to be. They are deeply immersed in their children's lives and school. They are very defensive of these roles. It seams their lives revolve around these roles. They rarely speak of their husbands. The husbands work alot or are gone alot. They often complain how their husbands disrupt their routines. I think how sad this is. How sad for the children. I wonder what will happen to these marriages, to these women, when their children are grown. Is there anything else out there?

Just thinking how lucky I am to have an awesome husband. Brian I love you!

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Well, first, of course I agree about saint richard, and thanks for giving props to him. Seriously, I'm on my 3rd Master's degree with MORE loans and MORE disruption to our family, and not only does he totally take over with the kids so I can study, and not only does he NOT complain, but then he says how proud he is of me working so hard to make the world a better place.

I really should have sex with him more.

But yes, I totally get what you are saying about the other group of women. I know many like that.