Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whew...Crazy BUSY day here. TWO soccer pizza parties. One at 1:00 and one at 2:00. At trip to Build-A-Bear at the mall, which was a nightmare.; 45 minutes in line to stuff a bear! One Spiderman teddy bear outfit that cost more than the bear. A hair cut for Nate, so he won't look like a ragamuffin tomorrow, that turned out worse than the the hair that needed cut.

I need a vacation. What? I'm on vacation? HA!

Here's Nate's soccer team celebrating a great season.
Nate with Coach Jamie and his cool trophy.
Here's Jacob and a couple of teammates getting pizza.
Jacob's quite proud of his trophy!
Fluffy, AKA Spidey Bear, shares Nate's birthday.

And tomorrow...we will party!

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sportzmom said...

The Spiderman outfit for the bear is really cute though! Hope the birthday party goes well. Thanks for stopping by.