Monday, December 22, 2008

It's tough having a birthday right at Christmas. Nate's birthday is just five days before (although he was due the day after, which wouldn't have been much better). Who's idea was it to baby a Christmas baby? Well, there's a story about that...Let's just there is something about men's retreats (which happened to be in March) that make men very loving and affectionate when they get home. And, well March to December is nine months...enough said.

So anyway, planning a birthday party for a Christmas baby requires strategy. And we're still working on it. We try to make his birthday special and separate from Christmas festivities. So, when he has a party it is usually a bit over the top. But, then he has only had three parties in his six years. Because, let's face is Christmas is not a good time to plan a party. Of course, we also celebrate his birthday:

Last year it was just the six of us at home, with cake and cheetoes.
This year was one of those "I actually planned a party" years. Anyone who knows Nate, knows he tends to be a bit on the high energy side (understated?). So what better better place to have his party than somewhere he can run and jump and not get into trouble for it. Pump it Up is such a fun place for a party, especially in the winter when the kids just needs a place to burn up some energy.
Here is Jacob and my niece Faith.
Better move quick Mia; here comes Emily!
Pile up at the bottom of the slide, Priscilla and Jacob.
Here comes Nate!
Yes, I got in on the fun too!
The air hockey table was a hit too!
Nate and his friends waiting for cake!
The Wall*E cake. Caution: Costco blue icing is DARK blue. It will turn your lips blue and your teeth blue! The kids got a kick out of it. The parents, not so much.
Meet Toby Smurf! Mel, I hope that came off easily.
I will spare you all the opening presents pictures. But, I will say that the Moon Sand was THE gift this year. He played with it for over an hour last night and several times today.
It's a good thing too, because Santa had it on his list too, along with a sand table so he can take the stuff outside, because it's all over my kitchen floor right now.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us. We had a great time.


Tolentreasures said...

Thanks so much for the comments on my blog. Your boys are adorable. I am grandma to two very active little boys and after having all girls, this is a whole new learning experience!


Melissa May said...

Yes, thankfully Toby was not blue for long. : ) I think, though, that he looked worse when we got there to pick him up than he did in the picture... He must not have been done eating yet. : ) Glad Nate's enjoying the moon sand! I hope it isn't all over your house...

Amy said...

Pump It Up is an awesome place! I firmly believe that birthday parties for little boys should take place somewhere other than the family home. Happy Birthday to Nate!

Karah said...

Happy birthday Nate!! Looks like it as a great party :)