Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last night was Shawn's senior prom. It sounded this morning like he had a great time. He's made some really good friends this year and a bunch of them went together. Here are some pics I took before.

Here's my little boy. He sure cleans up nice.

Shawn and his date Ellie. They were together, now their not. But they're still friends and they already had tickets for the prom. They are part of the same group of friends.

Shawn and Ellie

Shawn and (not his girlfriend) Alex. They have been best friends since sophomore year. She a great girl. And she calls me "Aunt Sheri" which I think is cute.

Alex and her date Ray

This is Shawn's best guy friend Jonathan. He's cool too. His date Hilda was one of Shawn's first crushes. But Jacob was better at talking to girls than Shawn back then and held her attention more than Shawn. But, that's another story.

Here are "the guys" looking pretty sharp.

Here are some of the girls, some were not there yet. I really liked this picture because they look like they were having fun. There was excitement in the air. And everyone was taking pictures at the same time.

Me and my (not so) little guy. Isn't he handsome?

Some of my handy work. Last year I realized, when I went to get Brandi's corsage, that they are quite expensive. So I decided to try my hand at making a corsage and it turned out like this. This year I tried again, and got this. Apparently, carnations are Ellie's favorite flower, so it was a hit.
I think I'm safe from proms for a few years now. Although, Joshua did ask me yesterday if I do wedding flowers. We shall see...


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