Sunday, November 15, 2009

NaBloPoMo: I blew it! I did get a few days further along than I did last year. Besides, Joshua was home from college for the weekend and we were chatting alone. I realized about 5 minutes till midnight that I hadn't blogged. So, Joshua grabbed his laptop and booted up (his is faster than mine). However, it was 12:02 when I was ready to blog. LOL. No, NaBloPoMo is not an obsession...

Shawn will be 16 on Tuesday. (It's hard to believe he was 13 when he came to live with us. He is SO one of us.) So, yesterday we had a birthday party for him. He requested bowling (again, because is was SO much fun last year.) Well, I scheduled it for this weekend, because he will be with his dad next weekend. What I didn't consider is that Nate has soccer on Saturdays. Or at least I didn't consider the possibility that he would have an 11:00 game. So, I had to enlist the help of Super Grandma.

I asked Grandma to stop by the grocery store for a cake, snacks and drinks. I DO NOT bake birthday cakes! And I forgot to order one from Costco, which is my usualy route. So, the party went on without a hitch... Yeah right.

It's lookin' good.
Shawn and his best friend (not Shawn's girlfriend) Alex

It's (not Shawn's girlfriend) Alex, again.

Shawn was giving Nate some pointers.

Shawn's friends (sorry guys, I'm bad with names)

Hmmm, will it stay on the alley?

Hilda and, umm, Shawn's friend (Justin, Jonathan, Matt?)

Joshua, (yes, she's Joshua's girlfriend) Brandi and Brian

Nate and Jacob, both up on different lanes.

Ah, the cake. Know what happens when you wait til the last minute to get a birthday cake? You can't fins what you want. Sometimes, you have to improvise. Sometimes you even have to settle for cake with a different theme. And, if there is a creative decorator in the bakery, no one will know the difference (until you blog about it).

So Grandma found this cake. Only instead of the had blue booties and said "It's a boy!" The cake decorator knew just what to do, scoop up the booties and writing (but don't actually remove it from the cake). Then cover it with half a plastic football and write "Happy Birthday Shawn" When we removed the football to cut the cake, there was a blue and white icing lump under it. And that's the rest of the story...

Oh yeah, I forgot the candles too...
Shawn's friends have an interesting sense of humor.
Shawn's moonwalk backward throw gutter ball move
Aw man, Game over!
Nate is the kissing police. Here he trying to separate Brandi and Joshua.

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