Friday, November 27, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (Although, it still tastes a lot like Thanksgiving). After battling the Black Friday crowds this morning, we decided to bring out the Christmas decorations. A few years ago, we bought a pre-lit fake tree (after Christmas, when it was on sale). This baby is such a time saver, as lights are the hardest part. So here I am straightening the branches that have been squished in a box since last year. It has to "look real", right?
Here is my little helper. He's digging out the bulbs. I insisted on taking out the "special ornaments" myself. I let the kids hang their own. But, I don't want any getting broke in the process.
Nate hung the first ornament as I was still "fixing" the tree. I'm so excited to be in a couple of pictures this year...
Shawn got to put the angel on the tree this year. And, no it's not because he is the only one that can reach! Joshua can reach too...
I have wanted to share special ornaments for a couple of year, but never got good pictures. So here are some of them, that were not already on the tree.
These are Nate's: The blue ceramic precious moments is his "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. It has his birth information on the back. The teddy bear ornaments were party favors for his first birthday, which is 5 days before Christmas. The one in the box was from when he was 2. It says little helper (as you can see, he still is). That year, I got Nate and my dad both dog house ornaments and put their picture in them. They are always getting into trouble together.
Jacob's ornaments: The 2000, in front, says, "Expecting in 2000" and is a 1999 ornament. The train in front is Jacob's "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. The snowman photo ornament is also his first Christmas. He was 6 months old. For his 2nd Christmas he got a snowman (not in the photo) and the Pooh photo ornament. He was 1.5 then. The one on the far right is a toddler stacking blocks H-O-H-O. He was 2.5 and that was the year Nate was born. I don't remember which year the kid throwing the snowball is. The sled in front, he made in 2nd grade. I love school/hand made ornaments.
Joshua's ornaments: The ball in the center is one of two "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments Joshua got. The other is the rocking horse. The apple is a book work (go figure). The Hershey bar was a last minute ornament, bought by my friend Melissa, because for some reason I forgot. (Probably the year Nate was born. I was drugged through that Christmas). To the far right, you can see the cinnamon cookie ornament that he made in kindergarten. It doesn't hang on the tree anymore; it's too fragile. But, it still smells yummy; and is so very special! The Star Wars speak for themselves. The cat in the box was how we told Joshua he was getting a kitten for Christmas two years ago. We wanted him to pick his kitten. And that is how Shadow joined our family.
Brian and I do not always get ornaments, but here a few that we have acquired. The round one is from Yosemite. It is dated 1999, the year we got married in Yosemite. The love forever was one I bought for Brian one year. The bears sitting on a key and the house with the ribbon were bought the year we bought our house, our first house.
A few more special ornaments. Last year I found this adorable snowman ornament that had 6 snowman. It was the first thing I have found with six characters. Our names are on the snowmen's hats. The I need to explain? Actually, I bought one for my friend Jodi and myself one year; so it reminds me of her. And the gold foil state of Texas star. This one is priceless (even though it is Texas). My Aunt Cathey lives in Texas. She and my mom were best friends. She bought this ornament for my mom; but my mom passed away before she gave it to her. This one hangs prominently at the top of my tree every year. It reminds me of my mom, of friendship, of love.
From 2001 to 2005, I was a teacher. I collected many Christmas ornaments. These are some of the ones I still have. Some are personalized or just to beautiful to part with. I still have the cards that came with them, signed in 4 year old scrawl. Most of these are not hung because they are glass and I just don't trust my kids (or my husband) enough to hang them.
Our pretty Christmas tree
We did not get to outside lights today. It was too windy and threatening rain. So, you may be treated to more decorating pictures soon. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the spirit of it.

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Brandi said...

<3! Cute ornaments. My sisters and I have similar things. I'll most likely take pictures when we're decorating. I'm in a very Christmas-y mood this year. Excited... Very excited.