Monday, November 09, 2009

NaBloPoMo: Day 9

Choosing random photos gets kind of boring, so I have the kids help sometimes, in random ways. Tonight, I asked Shawn to pick 3 random numbers/digits. He chose 2,3,5. So, these pictures have 2,3, and 5 in their last three digits.
More ice... Um, these are the icy waters off the coast of Alaska.
This was part of the chocolate buffet one night on the cruise. This is carved out of solid chocolate. Is that not awesome!
Ironically, this one was also chocolate buffet night (good thing there was only one!) It was TOO HARD to choose just one or two sweet treats. Brian and I got a little of everything (actually, not even close to everything) and have a bite or two of each. Honestly, we were quite wasteful. But, it was too rich and sweet to eat more.

Everyone should take a cruise to Alaska, at least once, in their life. It was a vacation of a lifetime.

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