Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaBloPoMo: Day 12 (I think)

My friend Aimee introduced me to 12 of 12 several months ago. Usually, I completely forget until I see hers posted on her blog. 12 of 12 is 12 random photos of your day taken on the 12th of the month. You record the time and something that is going on at that time. So, here is 12 of 12 today.

Thursday is my most busy, least favorite day of the week. I am busy all day, sitting on my butt. Seriously, Class, after class, after class; from 8am to 5 pm. Then work from 6pm until 8:30ish (9 pm tonight). So how do you take 12 random photos of 13 hours in a classroom? Well, it goes something like this...
7:30am - off to school
7:40am - drop off
7:50am - caffeine "Oh Thank Heaven..."
Almost 8:00am - walking across campus
10:15am - Alex and Priscilla prepping for a presentation
10:30am - Solane and Shanisha being studious
We interrupt this wildly exciting 12 of 12, so I can attend six straight hours of class. I was thinking about photographing the profs, but somehow, it just didn't seem like a good idea. My classmates already thought I was a little crazy for taking random pictures of them.
5:30pm - Bertha, Fernando and I working on data analysis
9:00pm - Brian still carries my books
9:30pm - the sign in front of our house
9:35 - Just because his shirt was funny
9:40pm - The real reason I don't like Thursdays
9:45 - I don't get to tuck my boys in.

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