Thursday, August 30, 2012

Greetings friends. Remember me? I have a few minutes. And another Spin Cycle post from Aimee was just what I needed to get me to blog.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
By: Me

Since I married to a teacher and I work a regular job, everyone in the family got a summer vacation...but me. We did manage a couple of fun mini vacations to break up the summer. Fortunately, we live close enough to some awsome awesome places to squeeze in a weekend here and there too.

Mini Vacation 1: The 4th of July fell on a Thurday, so I was able to pull out a four day weekend and we spent it at the beach. The firework over the beach were beautiful. The weather was perfect, warm, but not as warm as home.
4th of July barbeque lunch at the hotel
The family on the beach
Mini Vacation 2: A few months ago I was supposed to go to WA to visit friends and participate in Relay for Life with them. I ended up with a nasty bug and had to reschedule. The reschedule also allowed for me to bring Nate along. We have some great friends in WA and it's always great reconnecting with them. It helps that WA has so many awesome parks too. We hit 6 different parks in 3 days.
Nate and WA friends (my other favorite boys)
Me my newest other favorite boy
We also had the opportunity to visit the museum of flight. Nate was particularly interested in the space areas. Here he is learning about the space station.
My little astronaught!
 So, what did you do during summer vacation?

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gretchen said...

OOO, welcome back to blogging! I think your Nate must be about the same age as my Jude! It looks like your summer was a lot of fun despite the whole work thing. And the nasty bug thing! Six parks in three days is pretty impressive!

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