Wednesday, September 05, 2012

If you like Little House on the Prairie, you'll love Taylorsville, CA, population 140. I don't even remember how I learned of this small northern CA town, but I had to incorporate a stop (or more accuately, a drive through) on our trip this past weekend. It was out of the way, but worth the drive to simply say I've been there. And it was so cool to see this place that seems almost frozen in time.
Now can't you just see the Ingalls living here. And you know Pa would have a pickup if they lived in the 2000s.
And just down the way, we have the Edwards home.
This building housed the Taylorsville Fire Dept, Jobe Taylor Flour Mill, Vernon House (I'm going to have to find out what exactly that was) and the town blacksmith. It is now home to the Indian Valley Museum, which was unfortunately closed when we visited on Labor Day.
And then there is Taylorsville Church. This one does not also serve as one room school house, as there is a small elementary school.
This was such a nice drive and a glimpse back at another time. I can't say that I would want to live there, but it was fun to visit.


AimeeWrites said...

So cute!

We were looking on the map on my phone for the summer camp I went to in Cali when I was 13, and we ran across Taylorsville. You said, "I have to go there!" :)

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