Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My baby girl had a birthday on Sunday. It's hard to believe that she is a year old already and that she has been with us for almost a year now. When we moved into a house last year (the rental), we promise the boys that we could get a dog in the spring. In February, my supervisor, who is a total animal lover, showed me an ad on the in hospital advertisement page. Someone had puppies they wanted to give away. I sent an email for information and got this picture back:

I showed the picture to Brian and we talked about getting a puppy "now." The puppies were a mix od Jack Russel Terrier and some unknown. So, I researched Jack Russels and it seemed the personality would be a perfect match for Nate. We wanted a dog that could keep up with Nate. When we decided, we wanted the little black puppy, that looked like a mini rottweiler in the the other picture we got. I contacted the owner again and was told they only had one puppy that wasn't already spoken for. This was her:

Now, who could say no to that face? We agreed to take her and they would let us know when she was weaned. The boys were excited and could not understand why we had to wait to bring her home. Toward the end of March, we brought her home. This tiny little thing and called her KAYLEE.

And she was loved from the start:

And as we expected, she became Nate's sidekick:

These two go non-stop until they collapse. He wrestles with her and kicks and slaps at her, in a little boy playing kind of way. He's not mean to her, usually, although sometimes we do have to calm him down. She is so gentle with him. She never snaps at him. She will chase him all over the yard; and she is FAST! She will fetch her toys, and his toys. When they reach their limit, they both crash hard. And this is where you will find a tired Kaylee, except at night when she insists on sleeping on our bed. Notice the dirt on the boy; they had been playing hard.

So, on Sunday we celebrated the year we have spend with our Kaylee. We had Rice Krispy treats and presents: new toys and chew toys and "bones." What is a birthday without presents. The boys were excited about her birthday and had fun picking out doggie toys. Look at this face. She hasn't changed much, just gotten bigger. So cute!

And she is still very much loved! Happy birthday Kaylee Girl!

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Anonymous said...

That picture of them sleeping is PRECIOUS. She's so cute!