Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just another summer day... Grandma's new apartment has a swimming pool and we have been spending a lot of time over there, well the boys have been since we have been busy this week. Here are the boys cooling off and having fun.
Jacob and Nate racing from one end of the pool to the other. I really need to get these guy swim lessons. Would some please give me a couple more days in the week? They love "swimming" with their life jackets, but I know they would not be safe without them. That's scary.
Here Nate is practicing floating on his back. We do this periodically to remind him what to do if he ever gets tired while in the water. I just thought this photo was too cute.
Brian and Joshua were playing a game of "throw the keys in the pool" and Jacob wanted to play. Because he had on his life jacket, he could not dive after the keys. So, Brian tossed them into the shallow end and Jacob picked them up with his toes. I big Thumbs up from big brother. He was quite please with himself. Silly boy.

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Anonymous said...

Can I be the annoying lifeguard/swim instructor for a minute?

You know how I feel about life jackets while swimming, so I'm not hear to lecture, I swear! But that picture/comment about "practicing the back float"? Would not help him at all. If he didn't have the life jacket on, he would still sink in that position. You CAN'T practice a proper back float with a life jacket on.

Is it possible for you to work on a proper back float with them without the life jacket, so they can learn how to do it? Even if you put them in the life jackets for the rest of the time, your boys should be able to do a real back float so they CAN save themselves if they fell in at some point. You absolutely have the right idea by teaching them that they should do the back float if they need to, but as long as you are having them "practice" like that, it's not really helping them.

Sorry if this is annoying, it's the lifeguard in me coming out.