Thursday, July 24, 2008

It finally cooled down enough earlier this week to take the kid to the park. (Now it's back in the 100s and day trips include the library or McD's to play inside.) We made a picnic lunch and found a shady spot to watch the kids play. The funny thing is that they did not play on the play structure at all.

Tether ball anyone? Oh, wait there is no ball on that tether ball pole. What do you do with a tether ball pole that has no tether ball? (oh, and when did this boy get SO big?) I have a video clip of him getting up here, which is really quite cool. But, I cannot figure out how to upload videos (still).
Really, I think he is part monkey!What do really nerdy kids do at the park? Well, they (along with their really nerdy dad) launch rockets fueled with baking soda and vinegar! (Let's see if it will work if the video is smaller.) No such luck. I didn't take any still photos of the rocket launching either, not that those would do it justice. Anyway, Brian and the kids played with a rocket kit we got at the "teacher toy store." See what I mean about nerdy kids and nerdy parents?


Melissa May said...

Where'd you get that cool new title??? We'll have to find out about those rockets. We're nerds too... Lowell was making rockets with the kids in the backyard this afternoon that they launched with our air compressor. We'll have to compare notes! (And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog earlier.) : )

Anonymous said...

LOVE the blog makeover!