Sunday, July 06, 2008

Unfortunately, vacations come to an end. After a breakfast of awesome pancakes, that earned Jodi the title of "the best cook" (that is another blog in itself), we said goodbye to our friends Gabriel and Sebastian and their daddy. Jodi and I agreed that this would be easiest on our sensitive boys. As it was, Jacob starting crying as soon as we were on the plane. Here is a picture of Jacob with our Captain. I'm glad my car doesn't have that many gauges to read!
Traffic was backed up as we waited for take-off.
Raise your hand if you recognize this toy from the 80s! It's a cousin to the Rubik's Cube, called the Rubik's Twist. I remember calling it a snake, way back when. Anyway, I found this at the mall and bought it as Nate's souvenir. It doesn't say Seattle or anything, but I thought it would be something he would like. He was just happy to get something.
We spent three hours on the road, taking turns twisting and un-twisting it. First you had to straighten it all the way out. Then you had to twist it up the best you could and pass it to the next person. I am amazed at how long this held everyone's interest. This is my recommendation for any upcoming car trip!
"Here Mom, unwiggle this!"
On Friday night, I had the pleasure of teaching Jodi to crochet. I think she had done this before, because she picked it up pretty quickly. We went to the "has everything" store for groceries, potential souvenirs and yarn and crochet hooks. Love that store. Thus began the "Seattle Blanket." I was hoping that security would let me on the plane with my crochet hook. You just never know. This is what the Seattle Blanket looked like when I got home, after two hours on the plane and three hours on the road.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to match dye lots on yarn bought in another state, from a store that does not even exist in your area? In the store, this skein of yarn seemed to matched the yarn I already crocheted. Well, in this picture, you can tell that it DID NOT. But, adding equal amounts of the new yarn to each side gave this baby blanket a unique look. It was finished just in time too! Here is the Seattle Blanket, that now belongs to Baby Dakota.


Anonymous said...

I called it the snake also!

Aimee said...

Raising my hand - it was a Rubik's Snake back in the day! Good idea for a car trip; I'll keep that in mind.

Love the afghan. It looks great with the different dye lot on the outside. Can't wait to see the next project!