Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last week, we had another Spiral Scout meeting. It has been a busy week and I have got behind in blogging again. Here is Jacob with the "talking stick" sharing with the circle about the work he is doing toward his photography badge. He has a blog that he is using to record and share his work. It is feel free to check it out and leave him a supportive comment:-)
After a story about popcorn, the kids were supposed to act like popcorn kernals being popped. The little ones seemed to have fun. The older ones...not so much.
The highlight of this meeting was the awarding of the circle's first pins, the Gold Club Award(although the actual pins had not yet arrived). The children have learned about spiral scouts and learned about our meeting facility (which is really awesome). They have made new friends and done projects to get to know each other better. Each child lit a candle representing themself and placed it in a circle. Here is Jacob having his candle lit by Russell.
Here is Nate getting his candle lit. I wish I positioned myself to get better pictures. But, hey I've got them!
"What was I supposed to say now?" Just kidding. This was not the best picture of Russell; but it was the best picture of the circle of candles. Sorry Russell, gotta have priorities.
Jacob and Nate with their certificates and their candles, which they got to keep. This was the best of several. Someone was not very cooperative. Any guesses who that might have been?
We missed the last meeting, because Jacob and I were in Seatlle. At that meeting the scouts made a banner representing our circle, The Laughing Pines Circle (how cool is that name?). At this meeting I was able to add the boys, and another friend who missed the last meeting, to the banner. Is this not a cool banner?
We are making friends in our circle. On Sunday afternoon, Jacob was invited to join the other Spiral Scouts (the older group, there are 3 of them) to go see a movie. He had a great time. Thanks again Beckie for inviting him along. He felt special getting to do something like that "on his own." Or maybe it was just "without Nate." Either way, he had a great time.

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Aimee said...

Waaaaaah!!! I want Spiral Scouts! (And no, there is no way I'm organizing a circle. I know my limitations.)

No, really, this is so beyond cool. I'm so glad for you guys that you've found it. I'm enjoying the boys' journey.